Unconscious owners own unconscious businesses. Symptoms of an unconscious owner include stress, anxiety, and anger. Sometimes even sadness. Sleepless nights and a racing mind are reliable signs, as well.

An unconscious business IS the owner’s self-image. Their business is them. In reality it’s just a facade that hides the true self. Most owner’s, however, are unaware that the true self exists. They might deny it, or even mock it. They are too focused on external things to consider the notion that there might be greater depths within.

The real shame is, looking within bring unstoppable power to surpass any and all material goals.
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The Truth (Moment #1)

by Kev Kaye

A 28 year old man — mentally drained and physically out of shape — knocks on my door.

I open up and welcome him into my modest victorian home with a genuine smile and humble nod.

Kenton was referred to me by a friend after expressing his dissatisfaction with life and inability to find the thing that truly makes him happy.

He’s stressed, anxious, and unable to sleep on a nightly basis, and it shows. Half-moon bags sink heavily under his eyes. The pressure of life is wrecking his body, straining his relationships, and disrupting his mind. He is seven years into adulthood and things are not unfolding the way he envisioned.

Sitting on the far side of my seven-foot brown couch, Kenton starts in on why he’s here.
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